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TransLogic Pneumatic Tube Systems

TransLogic Pneumatic Tube System Overview

A tube system is not just a tube system — TransLogic is different.

Unlike other tube system providers, TransLogic reduces user wait times even in the busiest departments with the highest available throughput in the industry. During peak usage times our dynamic software quickly routes your critical items to their intended destination. Carrier tracking, user authentication, secure delivery, and physical access controls ensure the chain of custody defined by your organization. TransLogic tube systems are different because they work the way you want them to work.

Surpassing competitive tube systems with 10,000+ reliable, fast, and secure daily transactions in any hospital.

Simplify workflow optimization with a customized TransLogic tube system and reap the benefits derived from our more than 100 years of experience. From the inclusion in new construction to modernizing an existing system, consult with our team to include what best fits your needs, including options like:


Premium Hardware

  • Station Variations: Multiple sizes and formats
  • Dispatch Staging: Carriers for outbound send regardless of inbound processing
  • Carrier Storage: Store empties without clutter--allowing for emergency sends
  • Carrier Receiving: Optional receive-only configuration for high throughput or hold multiple carriers

Security Controls

  • Card Access: Security for user credentialing
  • Physical Access: ID badge or PIN for security and chain of custody
  • Carrier Vault: Secure carriers until required for use


Advanced Technology

  • Touchscreen: Intuitive graphic interface with direct dial, speed dial or directory access straight from the panel
  • Arrival Indicator: Audio and visual indicators notify users of arrivals
  • Remote System Monitoring: Backup response and resolution to triggered alarm
  • Variable Speeds: Slower speed options protect transaction integrity

Expect Unwavering Service Quality

Our customers rate us well above industry standards, for good reason. More than 100 dedicated field service experts tend to customer needs across North America. TransLogic customers have come to expect superior customer service. Extra support can be provided with our remote monitoring services ensuring all of our facilities have decades of high quality system use with nominal interruptions.
With regular system audits and inspections tube systems operations offer continuous efficiencies for hospitals of all sizes. This system maintenance is easy to budget with a TransLogic preventative maintenance program (PMA). The ROI our customers see with this cost-effective program is unmatched and, lowers the total cost of system ownership.

Drive Self Sufficiency

Why wait for servicing if you can prevent it?

Our comprehensive training, both on- and off-site, will prepare your users to:

  • Optimize workflows
  • Leverage best practices
  • Utilize system protocol
  • Assist in establishing infection controls
  • Package items properly
  • Identify climate protections
  • Maintain standard processes
  • Adhere to compliance standards


Send power users to our automation academy in Broomfield, CO for invaluable hands-on experience and coaching. Leverage our field service teams for in person tips and tricks. And, use our eLearning modules for specific training concepts or refreshers as needed. No matter the method, TransLogic drives more self-sufficiency than any other industry provider.

TransLogic training classes