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5 Steps For Early Planning

The best Design Assist results come from engaging the service early in the design phases of the project. However, setting up quality Design Assist service also begins with a few steps of its own. 

Minimize the complexities of construction and reconstruction projects with early consultations. Our Design Assist service is a five step process to ensure all your i’s are dotted and your t’s are crossed.

design assist definition

Design Phases of a New Construction Project:

The 5 Steps To TransLogic Design Assist:

1. Client 1 to 1 Consultation

Consultations are meant to be conversational. We want to talk with you. Our Design Assist consultants will meet with you and your team personally to uncover the nuances of your project and compile all of the necessary information. Get set up for the benefits of our early Design Assist service. Contact us here to set up an appointment!

2. Unmatched Simulation and System Design Analysis

Our System Design and Analysis (SDA) team is deemed among the best in the industry. Using a proprietary simulation system, our team evaluates client plans to assess limitations and ensure goals can be met. 

Unlike other tube system companies, our SDA group has a proprietary methodology that helps your planners, architects, and general contractors to determine the feasibility of installing a pneumatic tube system. We even identify department station locations and use our vast database, experience, and knowledge to predict the optimum system design for your facility.

3. Design Assist Solutions for Varying Stages

Depending on the phase in which we begin our consultation with you, your solution will vary from initial schematics to full construction plans. We manage customized inclusions such as seismic zones, geographic requirements, and material needs. Considering your needed inclusions, your budget, and your timeframe, our team will include appropriate service level expectations and accountability while giving your team flexibility. Ask our experts which is the most suitable baseline to start your project today:

a) Schematics

b) Schematics with design and drawings

c) Schematics with design and drawings + full construction plan

4. Comprehensive Estimates from Our E3 Team

The deep industry knowledge of our Expert and Expedient Estimating (E3) Team generates fast turn arounds upon having acquired all the necessary details from our clients. This group of estimating wizards has the training and experience to create a thoughtfully designed project plan that seamlessly routes into the existing system architecture while accounting for technician time and materials.

5. Formalizing with Analysis & Documentation

Upon realizing the advantages of early partnership in Design Assist, TransLogic can move with you and your customers into a seamless execution of your customized pneumatic tube system. No matter the phase in which we began working with you, our ability to scope the effort equips us to partner with you throughout the construction process.